About Us

Our Beginning

Joint Minds Club was first organized at Federal Polytechnic, Ilaro in Ogun State of Nigeria in June 1990 by five (5) students of the Department of Accountancy.

The Students, who were in the final year of their programme (HND 2), shared their dreams and aspirations with some other members of the class and a society which was later named JOINT MINDS CLUB was established as a twenty-three (23) member club and was thus registered with the school’s authority as required. The club adopted ONE LOVE as its motto with focus on ACADEMIC, SOCIAL & PROFESSIONAL EXCELLENCE. A FAMILY LINEAGE system was established as its administrative pivot.

Right from inception, the club was not conceived as a club for the present but for the future; this is reflected in most of its programmes, plans and policies. Upon graduation, current members have the opportunity of applying for the membership of the Joint Minds International which is the umbrella body for Life Joint Minds, LJMs.

Between 1990 and now, the club has had its fair share of successes and setbacks, triumph and trials but in all of these the club has emerged stronger and better, than even the founding fathers could have imagined. What started as a mere dream has become a binding force between thousands of young Accounting graduates in Nigeria and diaspora.

Joint Minds International, with total commitment to academic, social and professional excellence is the hallmark of excellence.

Aims & Objectives

To contribute to the development of Accountancy department of the school and to the welfare of Accountancy students both within and outside the campus

To foster the spirit of self-help, unity and cooperation among its members

To inculcate in members, the virtues of leadership, discipline, sense of maturity, personal integrity and responsibility

To develop the socio-political instinct of its members with a view of preparing them for the challenges ahead

To contribute to the development of Accountancy as a profession and as professionals contribute to the advancement of educational and economic policies

To train, develop and sharpen the economic and business intellect of its members to separately or jointly venture into the business world in the near future

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